Luxury Showers Means Waterfall

If you want a truly luxurious shower experience today you have to install the best waterfall shower head you can afford, one that not only fits the bill in the looks and performance department but also one that can be installed efficiently as there’s the two costs, the shower and the fitting. I asked my plumber for advice and received a few suggestions. They ranged from quite cheap but he said don’t go too cheap (which I know from past experience is true!) and then there were gold ones, but that doesn’t match my decor, so I went for the middle price and I wasn’t disappointed.

Waterfall Shower Head Designer Statement

In fact I am so happy that I went for the Milano fixed waterfall shower head and got not only the best shower but also it adds a designer statement to my bathroom - you only have to look at it to want to get in there. Like the rest of my bathroom fittings it’s in a high-quality chrome finish and this is quality let me tell you. It’s not going to rust obviously and more importantly it’s always going to appear the most stunning shower with a modern design aesthetic that you’ve ever dreamt of. The look of it and the way it works are both perfect - it has a slim hand shower, as well as two body jets and the integral fixed shower head - everything you need for your invigorating showering experience.

Of course, the best bit is the performance of this wonderful shower! I start off with a gentle rainfall to get me going and then with a twist of a lever I’m under a pounding waterfall jet which massages my head divinely. I am in complete control of every shower experience, the plumber who advised me to get this one got a big tip and I’m passing on this information so other people can enjoy the performance - complete with the peace of mind it’s going to last as it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Until you’ve tried this waterfall shower head you haven’t lived.